Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the delivery costs to...?

Do you have this product in size…?

How can I return my order?

Fashiola is a browsing tool, collecting the products from different online stores that we partner with - Fashiola does not sell any products ourselves but instead here to help you find the perfect product online! At Fashiola, we are happy to help you with all the information we have, but in some situations, you will have to directly contact the store selling the item(s) you are interested in. For example:

How can I order on your website directly?

Fashiola is a platform gathering products from different online stores. Fashiola doesn't sell any products ourselves, and that is why you can't order directly from our website. Search on Fashiola, find the fashion items you have been dreaming of and then you will be redirected to the online store that is offering this item at the best price. It’s as easy as that!

I haven't received a confirmation email from your side after my order. Is it normal?

Even though you found the product that you purchased on Fashiola, you will never receive a confirmation email from Fashiola directly. Indeed, you found the item(s) you were looking for, through Fashiola's platform, but the purchase has been completed on store displaying its collections on Fashiola. Keep an eye on the store you have been redirected to so that if in the case you don't receive any confirmation after your order, you will have to check directly with the online store where the transaction actually happened.

What should I do if there is a difference in the price/sizes between Fashiola and the website where I am redirected to?

All the information you see on Fashiola is coming directly from the store we are working with. This information is collected into a product feed, which is updated regularly during the day, both by the store and by Fashiola.
As this is live information which fluctuates all the time, it is possible that there might be some differences between what Fashiola is displaying and what the situation is with the store. We are doing our best to show the most up-to-date and correct information, but unfortunately, we can't avoid every gap between the info we receive and the info an online store is displaying. In the case of a difference between the price you see online, and the price displayed on the store you are redirected to, the price offered by the store will be the one you will have pay.

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We want to make sure you're able to find the fashion you're looking for, as easily as possible. That is why we give you two search options: you can either look for a product by using our search bar or look through our categories and apply a range of filters (colors, materials, sizes...). We work hard to make our website as intuitive as possible for you.

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